The CT Boosters is a group interested in theater in general and in Community Theatre of Terre Haute in particular.

We meet four times a year, generally at 4:30 p.m. on the second Sunday of October, January, April, and July. Attendance at meetings is not required. Our meetings provide you with an opportunity to learn more about what is happening at your community theatre and to announce opportunities to help on special projects. Participation in projects is not required. We also plan to have a occasional "road trip" to theaters outside the Terre Haute area.

Our dues are minimal--$10 per person per year.  We use our dues to purchase items needed by the theatre.

Items purchased or completed projects:

Historical Photo Display in the hall leading from the lobby to the backstage area.
75th Season Banners on the outside of the building.
Many round and rectangular tables.
New trash cans

If you are interested in joining Boosters or just want more information, call 478-0772.

2009-2010 Booster Officers:

President: Sonni Crawford
Secretary: Tom Reck
Treasurer: Richard Rowe
Corresponding Secretary: Curt Winkle

CT Booster Minutes, January 10, 2010

Sonni Crawford presided at the January meeting in the theatre with nine in attendance. Minutes of the previous meeting and financial report were approved as presented with a balance of $2,651.07 in treasury.

Some potential projects were discussed and the next play. It was decided to have another get-together following the first Sunday performance. Gerri Varner discussed buying something for Marilyn Cloutier.

Boosters had a reception following an Oakley production. Crawford noted the lack of recognition for those productions. Having photos of those productions placed in the theatre was discussed. Finding said photographs will be the first step.

Possible trips were discussed. It was noted that OLLI will have a bus trip to IU for spring production.

Curt Winkle noted that bylaws call for a nominating committee to be named for election at next meeting. Group voted that current officers should be retained for the following year.

Next meeting is April 11, not a conflict with Easter Sunday.

Submitted, Tom Reck, secretary

CT Boosters Minutes, October 12 meeting

October meeting was conducted at Sonnie Crawford residence with a picnic supper. Crawford presided in the absence of the president with 15 present including guests Judy Price and Ruth Erickson who were introduced as potential new members. Minutes of the July meeting and treasurer's report were accepted as presented with the balance of $2,093.87 in the treasury not counting dues collected at the meeting. Richard Rowe said 25 members had paid dues prior to the meeting.

Price reported on CT board activiity. She said a defibulator will be purchased and will be kept in the lobby in case it is needed. She said the format for selecting plays has been changed with more input now possible. One committee will read new plays and another will read all plays. Persons outside of the board will be involved in the process. Those persons will present lists of plays to be considered and directors will be chosen after plays are chosen. Crawford said the musical for next year could be either "Mame" or "Meet Me In St. Louis" as it stands now. Both said the Oakley Stage schedule also will be set.

Crawford said she will have a report on the Oakley chairs following the next board meeting. Price said some other items could be purchased at a reasonable price if cost of chairs is prohibitive. Price noted that Shirley Jones will be at Indiana State for a concert in 2009.

The January 11 meeting will be at the theatre unless members are advised otherwise.

Submitted, Tom Reck, secretary

Guidelines for Operation:

April 8, 2001

CT BOOSTERS is an auxiliary group of Community Theatre of Terre Haute.

The primary mission of CT Boosters is to enhance and support the mission of Community Theatre of Terre Haute. The CT Boosters may provide social activities for the membership.

Any Community Theatre of Terre Haute season ticket holder is eligible to be a member of CT Boosters. Annual dues are required.

The officers are president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer.
After the first of the calendar year, the president of the CT Boosters will appoint a nominating committee for the election of officers for the following year. The election will be held in April.
The new officers will assume their duties effective July 1.

The president may call meetings as needed.
Normally, CT Booster meetings will be held on the 2nd Sunday of October, January, April and July.
A majority of the CT Boosters members present will be considered a quorum.

Other committees to be appointed as needed.

Dues may be established at the April meeting for the following year, payable in October.
Income of the CT Boosters shall be used to support Community Theatre of Terre Haute and expenses of CT Boosters.