Board Committee Structure

** indicates chairman of that committee chairman is on the board

BOARD DEVELOPMENT ** Nominating, Retreat, Board Orientation/Training & Evaluation

BUILDING & GROUNDS ** Hire and oversee janitor.  Keep all aspects of building & grounds in good working order: HVAC, plumbing, snow removal, grass, trees, plantings, etc.
Property Usage & Theatre Rentals – screen and approve (or present to the board) requests by outside parties to use the theatre and properties; schedule and oversee any theatre usage by non-CT organizations, oversee renting or loaning theatre property, and conduct CT tours.

BUSINESS AFFAIRS ** Handle business matters
Finance – prepare an annual budget and oversee audits, insurance, investments, and purchasing process
Legal Advisor – handle any legal matters of the theatre
Policy – maintain and updated book of policies, procedures, and actions approved by the board and distribute the book to board members

DRAMA ** Select directors for each season; this includes handling requests for new directors. Coordinates scheduling of activities of the committees, Participates in training sessions and other special projects, Selects the Holiday Show when appropriate. Sets season calendar.
Play Selection Committee
Main Play Reading Committee
Oakley Play Reading Committee
Musical Play Reading Committee
Casting Committee – with the directors run the audition process for each mainstage production, Oakley production, recruiting actors, if necessary, and cast show along with the directors.
Awards Night – oversee and coordinate entire Awards Night
Judging – secure judges and oversee judging procedure
Director – create, direct, and produce Awards Night show
Producer – work with the judging chm

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Indiana Community Theatre Association 

FRONT HOUSE ** Oversee all events and displays in the lobby
Gallery – arrange for and set up gallery displays
Hospitality – opening night receptions; organize the board holiday party
Marquee – keep marquee up to date
Ushers — secure, train, schedule, and oversee ushers; handle ordering storing, and selling soft drinks during performances

Grants – investigate grant opportunities for CT programming and fill out all grant requests
Memorial Fund – keep a database of all donors, thank donors, and send lists of donors and addresses to appropriate family member, see that the list of all previous year’s donors is included in the main program book.

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ** – Responsible for the ownership and maintenance of the theater’s business-related technology. The I.T. committee also advises on the acquisition and use of production-related technology.

Newspaper articles and advertising

Season Brochure
Program Book (main program)
Program Inserts (show program)

SAFETY & SECURITY ** – Oversee the safety of CT property, volunteers, & patron; security of money, computer, parking lot & north side of the building, lobby/artwork, & maintain the fire extinguishers, first aid kits, & emergency evacuation procedures

Season Tickets – organize and oversee all aspects of season ticket sales: sales materials, record keeping, and money collection
Ticket Office – man and oversee all ticket office activities; order play tickets for the year
Program Book Ads – recruit salesmen, sell ads, collect money, and coordinate ad copy with the printer in the program book
Sponsors – secure sponsors for plays, coordinate ads, posters, and marquee

PRODUCTION ** Work with directors and sub chm to assemble Production Teams for each show; develop a budget for each show; establish and post a master calendar with each show and their production requirements
Set Construction
Set Decoration
Special Effects

VOLUNTEERS **Act as point of entry host to newcomers and promote new volunteers
Database – maintain a database for volunteers, ticket sales, casting, sponsors, advertisers
Programs and workshops — organize, staff, and schedule workshops and programs to educate old volunteers and recruit new volunteers