Community Theatre of Terre Haute

Community Theatre of Terre Haute has a rich history. It is a story of dreams, visions, and most of all, the dedication of hundreds of volunteers who refused to give up in the face of adversity.  It is the 2nd oldest community theatre in Indiana in continual production.

For 28 years CT volunteers performed in many different venues around town until 1954 when they purchased and renovated the Best Theater at the corner of 25th and Washington streets, a movie house.

1965-66. The fortieth anniversary of CT saw the addition of the new warehouse. The new addition included a spacious workshop/warehouse, a costume loft, and areas for props and paint. A full basement with restrooms was designed to be used for rehearsals and as a general meeting space.  The newly cleared land was made into a parking lot for patrons and provided access to a new stage door and vestibule.

In October 1998 we successfully completed the renovation and enlargement of our theatre adding 10,000 sq. ft. of new space to our existing structure. including the addition of large restroom facilities, a spacious 2 story lobby, concession area, small kitchen, a rehearsal hall the same size as the stage, and new costume and furniture storage space. 40% of the $1.033,000 goal was achieved with the help of a professional fundraising consultant and CT volunteers raised the remaining 60%. We have now paid off the mortgage and have no debt.

In 2016, Community Theatre began buying lots around the theatre for yet another expansion effort to improve parking for patrons and volunteers. In   2018 we expanded our parking spaces to 1O5, added green spaces, sidewalks, and beautiful lighting.

In 2002 the building was renamed the Hazledine-Talley Memorial Playhouse in honor of Weldin Talley who was instrumental in securing the Best Theatre in 1954 and Jane Hazledine who was an active member of CT for over 67 years.

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