Oakley Stage

2023-2024 Oakley Series

The Oakley Series performed in CT’s rehearsal hall is a “black box” theater area with a movable seating area, a movable stage, and a flexible lighting system featuring small casts & minimal sets.
Open seating is limited to 60-70 depending on the configuration.

Ordinary Days (Comedy)
November 17, 18,  & 19
Music and Lyrics by Adam Gwon
Auditions: September  18 & 19  2M, 2W
Directed by: Mary Dinkel
Rated PG-13

Ordinary Days tells the story of four young New Yorkers whose lives intersect as they search for fulfillment, happiness, love, and cabs. Through a score of vibrant and memorable songs, their experiences ring startlingly true to life. Ordinary Days is an original musical for anyone who’s ever struggled to appreciate the simple things in a complex place. With equal doses of humor and poignancy, it celebrates how 8.3 million individual stories combine in unexpected ways to make New York City such a unique and extraordinary home.

No Exit (Drama)
April 12, 13, & 14
By Paul Bowles and Jean-Paul Sartre
Auditions: February 19 & 20  2M, 2F
Directed by: Sara Solooki
Rated R

Two women and one man are locked up together for eternity in
one hideous room in Hell. The windows are bricked up, there are no mirrors, the electric lights can never be turned off, and there is no exit. The irony of this Hell is that its torture is not of the rack and fire, but of the burning humiliation of each soul as itis stripped of its pretenses by the cruel curiosity of the damned. Here the soul is shorn of secrecy, and even the blackest deeds are mercilessly exposed to the fierce light of Hell. It is an eternal torment.